Applying For Bail


Directions for Filling Out Forms

How To Apply For Bail

Has a family member or friend been arrested? Has a warrant been issued for your arrest?...You Need Bail!

Let Big Red Bail Bonds help you navigate through this process of securing the freedom of your family member, friend, or self.

To make this process go smoothly, you will need to make certain information available to Big Red Bail Bonds. We will need to collect the defendant's (person being incarcerated) arrest and personal information, and the Cosignor/Indemnitor's personal information.

Defendant's Information Needed:

  • The person's name (first, middle, last) and date of birth
  • Place of incarceration
  • The Big Red Bail Bonds Agent can help you determine the charges and bond amounts when needed

Cosignor/Indemnitor Information Needed:

  • The Cosignor/Indemnitor's complete name (first, middle, last) and date of birth
  • Address, City, State, ZipCode
  • Home and cell phone numbers
  • Driver's license number and Social Security number
  • Place of employment, address, phone number, length of employment.

What Happens Next:

After collecting this information on the application, your Big Red Bail Bonds agent will explain the Contract for Bail Bond. Once the parties involved have reached an agreement, your agent will collect signatures, funds, and/or collateral necessary to complete the agreement for bond.

The Big Red Bail Bonds agent will then fill out the legal papers necessary to gain the release of the individual, and deliver these documents to the appropriate place of jurisdiction.

Upon release, the defendant will need to come to our offices, and sign all required documents, and MUST ATTEND ALL REQUIRED COURT HEARINGS