10 things your bondsman wishes you knew.

  1. Always remember to tell us if you change your address or phone number.

  1. We are always willing to help you if you just ask.

  1. We have already heard every excuse imaginable. You will need to be really good to come up with one we haven’t heard before. That goes for everyone at the jail and the courthouse. (We are impressed if we hear a new one).

  1. We do this every day and we understand the process. Listen to us before you listen to your friend who knows someone who got arrested once.

  1. We are not attorney’s and can’t give you legal advice.

  1. Remember if you’re in jail you don’t have to pay an electric bill or car payment or whichever other excuse you have for not paying us.

  1. I didn’t understand what I was signing. We explain everything and give you paperwork that explains it. It is a legal contract just like a loan. You can’t call and say you changed your mind about cosigning for someone after they are out or have failed to appear.

  1. When you ignore us it is a very big deal.

  1. Always show up for court even if you think you may go to jail. We can always rebond you and we respect that you showed up.

  1. We know when you are lying to us and even if we don’t call you on it we remember.