Bond Jumpers

You can run, but you can't hide! Here is a current list of bond jumpers in Oklahoma:

Defendant List

The Big Red Bail Bonds Fugitive List is updated at irregular intervals. If you have information concerning the location or contact information regarding an individual on this list, please contact a Big Red Bail Bonds agent at the phone number listed below, or contact your local law enforcement agency.

Big Red Bail Bonds, Inc.

(405) 321-0577

Under no circumstances, should you attempt to apprehend one of these individuals.

Defendant List

Jeff Mays

Lisa Lowder

Christie Michael

Dennis Smith

Chad Allen

Benjamin Dodson

Marcell Moore

Brittany Combs

Jazmine Miller

Ian McNamara

Symone Henson

Travis Moran

Jeremy Murrin

Heather Bartling

Daniel Guiterrez-Arvizo